Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Mothers Day 2009

These matching dresses were made by a friend many years ago when Heather was 10 years old.

Now Leslie is 10 years old and can fit into the dress. Thank goodness I can still fit into my dress.

Someday the dresses will go to Heather when she has a daughter of her own and then to Leslie and her daughter. I hope they will continue to be taken care of and enjoyed for many more years!

Mothers Day with Leslie!

Here is our precious grandson Nathan at 5 weeks + 4 days old.
He is my special Mothers Day treat this year - look at that adorable face!

My favorite time in Spring is when the wisteria blooms at our house!


  1. Wow! Your house looks so beautiful! It's been way too long since we've been to visit you. You guys look great in your dresses!

  2. how precious - love the dresses and the house! miss you!

  3. I just noticed your new front door in the picture! I like it!