Thursday, July 16, 2009

Charlotte's passing

Charlotte at 10 months old with her forever family.

This year we have had many loved ones pass on into the next life. Last month we tragically lost my niece Molly's 16 month old daughter Charlotte. She had a viral infection and became critically ill, her body went into cardiac arrest which caused profound brain injuries. As the doctors were testing for the depth of her injuries they also discovered that she had a fatal metabolic disease.

It is even harder to understand death when it is a beautiful, innocent child! Her sweet parents, grandparents, family members, friends, members attending the Temple and even some strangers prayed for a miracle. I prayed and fasted so hard. If love could have saved her she would be here still.

Yet this is not the end - how black and bleak would be all of our lives if we thought so! She is healthy and whole, living and loving with her Heavenly father and other family members who have passed on. Charlotte must have been an already wise child of God to bypass this life and go straight to Heaven.
We will not forget you sweet Charlotte.

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