Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

It has been so wonderful having all of our kids home for Christmas! We have gotten to know Nathan so much better by having him and his parents here for 10 days. We have all played games, laughed, and shared and made new memories to sustain us until we can be together again.

Here is our sad gingerbread house... First the frosting was too thick then we
got the frosting too thin and the candy slid off the roof! It was still fun to
make and fun to eat.

Our Nathan who has brought so much joy to us on
his first Christmas!

Our traditional Savior Supper by candlelight.

Jesse and Kevin on Christmas Eve when we each open one present.

I still make the kids, old or young, line up on the stairs in order of age
before they can go down on Christmas morning!

Here is our son Ryan on Christmas morning.

Heather, Ryan and Nathan

Here is a cute photo of Nathan and Papa!

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  1. I like Nathan's little headband during dinner. Very authentic.